KEPLER launches advanced analytics and big data practice

28 January 2022 2 min. read

International consulting firm KEPLER has launched a new business unit dedicated to advanced analytics and big data.

With data nowadays described as the new oil, organisations of all sizes are turning to data as a means for enhancing their operations and decision making. Bernard Ouriou, a partner at KEPLER said of the data trend, “In an increasingly digital environment, taking advantage of the considerable mass of data is a strategic priority for most companies.”

Operating across the domains of operations, purchasing, supply chain and innovation, KEPLER has over the years grown an extensive track record in the data domain, injecting data driven insights into its consulting work and helping clients build systems and the landscape to unlock its benefits.

KEPLER launches advanced analytics and big data practice

Building on growing demand for its data services, KEPLER has now expanded its capabilities in the field with the launch of a new subsidiary, branded as Advanced Analytics. Based in Chennai, the team will work in a hybrid model with teams and clients across Europe, North America and Asia (the consultancy has offices in Paris, Chicago and Shanghai).

“Our expanded big data capacities enhance our offering along the value chain,” said Ouriou, who has been with the firm for close to fifteen years.

Khaja Hameed, the leader of KEPLER’s operations in India, added: “The KEPLER Advanced Analytics unit acts as an extension of the processing capacity of our clients. We are cross-functional data scientists and providers of pragmatic solutions. And we can fully operate remotely.”

He added that the team in Chennai consists of data scientists and technology experts who “are proficient in coding and programming languages, including BI coding, Python, Query languages, or R”. Together, the team can deliver “tailor-made, turnkey data projects that meet the client’s architecture across stacks such as Power BI, Tableau and others.”

“The combination of our business, industry, data operations and digital application expertise places us at the heart of our client’s strategic data challenges allowing us to enhance the organisation as a whole,” added Ouriou.

Founded in 2007, KEPLER is an award-winning management consultancy with around 80 consultants. Earlier this year, the firm bolstered its capabilities in home market France with the acquisition of LEADING.