AWK Group and Quint adopt Eraneos brand (Ginkgo to follow)

03 January 2023 2 min. read
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Six months after commencing their brand transition, AWK Group and Quint have as of today formally adopted their new Eraneos name. Ginkgo Management Consulting will follow in due course.

The rebranding to Eraneos concludes a transition period of close to two years. The journey started early 2021 when Switzerland-based AWK Group and Germany-based Ginkgo Management Consulting joined forces. Five months on, Netherlands-based Quint joined the network.

With the aim of growing into a European powerhouse in digital transformation consulting, the three consultancies in the summer of 2022 decided to adopt a harmonised brand, with that process now entering its next stage.

AWK Group, Ginkgo and Quint adopt new Eraneos brand

Eraneos currently has approximately 1,000 professionals working from offices in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and more (turnover: €200 million). Switzerland is the firm’s largest market (around 500 consultants), with around 250 based in the Netherlands and a further 200 in Germany.

The other team members are scattered across Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, China, Singapore and the United States.

“AWK, Ginkgo and Quint share a common vision focused on shaping the digital transformation with our clients as a leading international management and technology consulting group,” said Oliver Vaterlaus, Chief Executive Officer of Eraneos Group.

Still operating under its Ginkgo Management Consulting brand, the German member of the group has opted for a more gradual transition to Eraneos.

The name ‘Eraneos’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘era’ and ‘neos’ – referring to the new era the three consulting firms are embarking on. “We are excited about the new chapter ahead”, Vaterlaus said.

Last month, Eraneos closed its first acquisition since the threeway merger with the bolt-on of financial services consultancies DCP and W21. Eraneos is backed by Deutsche Private Equity, a German investment company.