AllChiefs expands carbon insetting offering with 123Carbon

19 July 2023 2 min. read

Consulting firm AllChiefs has inked a partnership with 123Carbon, a platform that helps organisations worldwide with decarbonizing their transportation.

Established in 2021, 123Carbon provides a platform where companies can own, manage, allocate or buy verified CO2 reductions within their supply chain. At the heart of its model is carbon insetting – a concept which enables organisations to issue externally verified carbon insets (typically done by energy and transport companies), which then can be used by cargo owners and freight forwarders to advance their net zero agenda.

123Carbon supports projects from all modalities (marine, road, air), multiple technologies (electrification, hydrogen, biofuels), and provides its services to companies across all corners of the globe.

AllChiefs expands carbon insetting offering with 123Carbon

“Reducing emissions throughout the supply chain is critical for the industry to reach its decarbonisation targets, and we strongly believe that carbon insetting is a major driver to accelerate the journey to net zero,” said Jeroen van Heiningen, Managing Director at 123Carbon.

Contrary to carbon offsetting, where carbon emissions are compensated but not reduced, carbon insetting actually reduces overall carbon emissions. “Carbon insetting allows companies to allocate the environmental benefits of a low emission alternative intervention (e.g. fuel switches or fleet renewals) to the one that is willing to pay for it,” explained Inge Tanke from AllChiefs.

Central in the carbon insetting approach is that carbon reduction is actually delivered, and that benefits can be accrued across the value chain.

Tanke leads the Sustainable Logistics practice of AllChiefs, a Netherlands-based consultancy with a strong track record in freight decarbonisation. Earlier this year, the practice released a white paper on how the sector can accelerate its green roadmap through the use of the concept.

“We help companies globally to decarbonise their global logistics, from strategy and target setting to implementation. Having a platform in place that allows companies to correctly buy or sell carbon insets to supply chain partners allows them to accelerate the transition to net zero logistics. We are therefore delighted to be teaming up with 123Carbon,” Tanke said.

As part of the alliance, AllChiefs will act as a preferred consulting and implementation partner for the 123Carbon platform. The two firms have already collaborated on a number of projects, most recently at Danish shipping operator Norden.

“This partnership will enable us to meet high demand for carbon insetting services among our clients in the transportation and logistics sector,” stated Tanke.

Van Heiningen added: “By combining 123Carbon's unique platform and standardized implementation approach with AllChiefs’ strong consulting skills, companies can access a one-stop-shop to develop, implement and execute carbon insetting strategies efficiently.”