Capgemini and Efma launch content and matchmaking platform for FinTechs

22 May 2018 3 min. read

Capgemini and Efma have jointly launched a new platform that matches corporates and FinTechs. The platform, named FinTechVisor, allows professionals in the financial services industry to find FinTechs that provide products/services which can benefit their propositions. To help target seekers with their search process, the global platform has a rating functionality similar to how consumers rate hotels or restaurants.

Both founding partners have an established track record in innovation in the financial services industry, including in the area of finance technology, which is what FinTech stands for. Despite the rapid surge of the FinTech market – global funding into FinTechs topped $31 billion last year according to KPMG – and the emergence of all kinds of partnership ecosystems, Capgemini and Efma believe there still is significant untapped potential that can be unlocked through an improved matching process.

“The vision of the FinTechVisor portal is to create a single point of contact where all players can find their place and be a part of the future. With so many new players offering innovation, traditional financial services organizations need a method to sort through the clutter to find the innovative FinTech partner that is the best match to transform their business,” said William Sullivan, Head of Market Intelligence at Capgemini.

Capgemini and Efma launch content and matchmaking platform for FinTechs

The new portal's main objective is to bring FinTechs and financial institutions across all corners of the globe together to collaborate. The portal facilitates communities with information exchange and learning, has a feature that allows bankers and insurers to rate FinTechs and comment on their solutions, as well as a “matchmaker-like” function for financial institutions to find a FinTech partner who complements their needs and interests. The platform also has an in-site messaging feature which allows financial institutions to contact FinTechs through the platform.

All parties that join FinTechVisor gain access to the latest content by Capgemini and Efma for the financial services sector, including news and trends, research, and client success stories. Main areas that are covered include Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Robo-Advisory, Financial Crime, Cybersecurity, Regulation, Risk & Compliance solutions and Payments, spanning financial service segments such as Retail Banking, Capital Markets, Corporate Lending, Insurance and Wealth Management. 

“With the FinTechVisor portal, financial institutions will have easy access to an extensive array of capabilities, bringing more flexibility and innovation to banks,” said Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. 

With over 200,000 professionals, Capgemini is one of the globe’s largest consulting firms and technology providers. Efma, a not-for-profit association formed in 1971 by bankers and insurers, specialises in retail financial marketing and distribution. Today, the association has more than 3,300 banks among its members. The two companies have a long history of working together, in particular on research reports, including the annual ‘World Retail Banking Report’.