XtraAdvice unveils Zero Burnout offering at WEF in Davos

19 January 2024 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

First unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, XtraAdvice has launched a new offering that helps professional services firms drastically take on the risks of burnout.

The problem of burnout is one of all times and all sectors, but in recent years, the issue has been exacerbated through the convergence of a number of trends. “These include the long-lasting impacts of Covid-19 on mental health, the growing pressures in the workplace, the brunt of social media challenges, anxiety around geopolitics, and so much more,” said Stef Oud, partner at XtraAdvice.

Specialising in helping professional services firms with boosting their organisational performance and wellbeing, XtraAdvice has brought together its expertise in the field to develop its ‘Zero Burnout’ proposition.

XtraAdvice unveils Zero Burnout offering at WEF in Davos

Luc Swaab, Katalijn Ritsema van Eck and Stef Oud at the World Economic Forum in Davos

“Our systemic approach helps professional services firms tangibly reduce the number of people that risk or face burnout,” said Oud. That approach kicks off with an assessment of the risks involved, in order to ensure that leadership is aware of the risks – and its (financial) consequences.”

Once that is in place, XtraAdvice facilitates a broader dialogue across the company – from leaders through to juniors – to discuss the problem, brainstorm issues and potential solutions.

“We then help the leadership team and human resources with implementing the solutions at all levels of the organizational, with particular emphasis on ensuring that stick and securing that zero burnout prevention stays top of mind.”

According to recent research, burnout impacts about 20% of employees worldwide at some point in their career. “Burnout has a devastating effect on individual employees and their loved ones. And on the productivity of organizations of course,” Oud said.

In the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of professional services, the risks of burnout are higher. At the same time, with people the top asset of firms in the industry, “the negative financial impact burnout has on professional service firms – who charge by the hour – is massive.”

A company-wide approach

One of the main pillars of XtraAdvice’s systemic approach is the approach to lift burnout from “an individual problem” to a “company wide-matter that is openly discussed and resolved.”

“With one fifth of people potentially impacted, leaders simply cannot stick to the argument that it is an individual problem. Organisations need to step up their game, by putting systemic measures in place that address and prevent burnout”, emphasized Oud.

During the visit to Davos, XtraAdvice’s delegation (which also included partners Katalijn Ritsema van Eck and Luc Swaab) found overwhelming support for their offering. “Having met a wide range of executives and partners from leading law firms, consultancies, engineering groups, and more, we heard that burnout is an issue that is among the top organisational priorities for 2024.”