Accenture launches generative AI studio in Dublin office

07 March 2024 1 min. read

Accenture has opened a new generative AI studio at its Dublin office, where clients will be able to explore the technology and conduct generative AI pilots.

“Gen AI is not like any previous technology revolution; it’s driving a new wave of reinvention that will change every area of every business in every industry,” said Dennis Hannigan, Data and AI practice lead at Accenture. “Our clients recognise this and are ready to move beyond experimentation into piloting and scaling generative AI programmes.”

The studio, located at Accenture’s office at The Dock, will allow clients to explore industry use cases, conduct AI pilots and initiate and scale responsible AI programmes.

Accenture launches generative AI studio in Dublin office

Research from Accenture reveals that 74% of Irish leaders see generative AI as an opportunity rather than a threat and 69% of Irish leaders view it as more beneficial to revenue growth than cost reduction.

Another research, by McKinsey & Company, recently quantified these opportunities and benefits, suggesting that the generative AI industry has the potential to add between $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually in the coming years.

Yet moving ahead with generative AI and one step further, successfully implementing the technology, is easier said than done. “Drawing on our experience of client conversations, existing projects, the expertise of our people, and industry partnerships, our generative AI studio will provide companies with the capabilities to shape solutions and help them reinvent their businesses, responsibly,” Hannigan said.

The Dublin studio forms part of Accenture’s global $3 billion investment in data and artificial intelligence. Part of this investment is going into the setup of generative AI studios around the world.