Navigating change with Highberg

We originated from seven boutique consulting firms, each with best-in-class expertise in organizational, digital, and sustainability transformations. We aim to be the ultimate partner for our clients around these themes, working together to achieve lasting impact on organizations and their people. 

We are transformation consultants: experts in digital-, organizational- and sustainability transformation. We help organizations through their full journey, from strategy and design to implementation, training and coaching.

Our transformation themes:

1. Organisational Transformation - "Improving the responsiveness and competitiveness of organizations."
Together with our clients, we improve organizational structures, processes, culture and leadership to realize strategic objectives. By defining and executing transformation projects, we help to realize ambitions in close collaboration with all people involved.

2. Digital Transformation - “Improving customer value by digitalization of business models and processes.”
We introduce digital technology to improve customer value, innovate business models and improve collaboration across one’s value chain.

We help organizations to design and realize their digital strategy. Transforming organizations so that people, processes and technology truly act in symbiosis, getting the best out of information and modern digital solutions. 

3. Sustainability Transformation - "Reshaping business operations to integrate sustainability in the core of the organization."
We support organizations to integrate sustainability in the core of their business. In doing so, we adopt a system perspective in which strategy, operations, governance and culture are all taken into account. We help to formulate strategies and objectives, prioritize initiatives, set principles and guardrails, define experiments and scale-up methods and embed best practices into the organization. And most of all, while we do this, we embed sustainability as a core value in the company’s culture and leadership practices.

Highberg Capabilities

Below you can find an overview of Highberg 12 Capabilities:

  • Business Agility
  • Innovation Management
  • People, Leadership& Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategy& Change
  • Data& AI
  • Market Research
  • Risk, Resilience& Compliance
  • Digital Strategy& Execution
  • Sustainability
  • Education& Coaching
  • Interim Management

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