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Sustainable transformation, that's what it's all about. Whether it's about your own professional and personal development or a client undergoing a transformation. With over 300 colleagues from various locations, we assist organizations in the public and private sectors with strategic challenges. Challenges related to organizational or digital transformations with the goal of creating and increasing their sustainable impact.

People who want to make an impact work at Highberg. They want to make impact on society, impact on organizations and their employees, but also impact on their colleagues. This impact can be significant or small, as long as it's a positive change that lasts. 

Why is Highberg the place for you?

At Highberg, you are taken seriously, we have fun together, and we ensure that everyone can be themselves and feels welcome. You are challenged to share your vision or opinion, and we want you to feel that the time you invest in your work is a valuable addition to you as an individual. For this reason, personal development is high on our agenda, and we prioritize everyone feeling comfortable and fit to perform well. And of course: with a smile, a lot of joy, and colleagues you get along with! 3 reasons to come work at Highberg:

  1. Your personal development is our priority: To be a successful consultant, trainer, coach, or expert, you need the right knowledge and skills to make sustainable impact. To achieve that goal, we support you in further developing your talents in various ways.
  2. At Highberg you are making impact: Making a lasting outcome on our clients is what we strive for every day. By combining strengths and expertise, we increase our impact and can help our clients with complex and challenging issues.
  3. ‘Work hard, play hard’: We work hard to achieve dreams and ambitions, but not without considering a healthy work/life balance and enjoyment in the work. Being yourself, brimming with energy to do your job well, and having plenty of moments of relaxation and social activities are important aspects. 

We’re happy to help!

If you have any questions, wish to explore further possibilities within Highberg, or are curious about our vacancies, please get in touch with HR at career@highberg.com or reach out to one of the contacts mentioned in the vacancy.

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