Paphos Group joins digital transformation consultancy Quint Wellington

26 June 2018 4 min. read

Paphos Group, an IT-services provider based in the Netherlands, has joined Quint Wellington Redwood, an international consultancy specialised in digital transformation and sourcing. The addition of around 80 employees in Amsterdam and Groningen lifts Quint’s headcount to over 300 people across offices in six countries. 

The companies have been working together in the Netherlands for a number of years, says Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint). The two have teamed up on digital transformations at client such as the Dutch Railway (‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’) and utilities company Enexis, while also collaborating on joint propositions, including in the area of Service Integration.

By integrating Paphos Group into the firm, Quint significantly ramps up its expertise and capacities in the technology domain, a segment which is among the fastest growing in the wider professional services landscape. According to the latest data from research house Source Global Research, the market for digital transformation consulting has boomed in the last twelve months, spiking from $23 billion last year to $44 billion today. Across industries, organisations are embracing digital strategies as a means of becoming more innovative, flexible and efficient, and in doing so, turning to consultancies to help them navigate the change. 

“Today, organisations everywhere are becoming digitalised, the cloud is indispensable and data is widely regarded as a core asset. Countless platforms are being introduced onto markets and into business processes,” explains Boon.Paphos Group joins digital transformation consultancy Quint WellingtonHowever, while betting on digital transformation is big, the extent to which returns are reaped is still up for discussion. According to one estimate, around two thirds of digital transformation projects fail, while another more ambitious estimate found that despite the many objectives being met, contributions to top-line growth are systematically falling short of targets. 

Boon says that the trend is recognisable – the firm he leads Quint Wellington Redwood has since its founding in 1992 focused chiefly on technology-led areas such as Digital Strategy, IT Governance, Lean, Agile, DevOps, Sourcing and Data Management, and over this period the consultancy has built a deep insight in what differentiates successful digital transformations from the rest. “Without a clear digital strategy and far-reaching automation of IT operations, it is virtually impossible to stay in control. This is precisely the area on which Quint and Paphos Group will be focusing their shared portfolio.”

Established in 2006, Paphos Group supports clients with implementing digital environment and processes, building on well-known platforms such as ServiceNow, AppDynamics, XebiaLabs and Micro Focus. Dutch companies that are showcased on the firm’s roster of testimonials include ASR, Sanquin, Conclusion Fit, Sanoma, KPN, Engie, SNS Bank, PON and the aforementioned NS and Enexis.

“The delivery of underlying IT services is increasingly being automated using DevOps and IT for IT. This shift however requires the proper integration of existing technologies and IT services, and this integration is complex,” says Boon. Robin Marchand, CTO of Paphos Group, adds; “Our experience in automating and integrating such services is the ideal complement to the experience Quint has in the fields of sourcing, governance and digital transformation. Together, we are able to respond to innovative business models and business processes and to the vital necessity of staying in control.” 

As part of the integration, Paphos Group will become part of Quint’s Technology practice. Following a period of transition, Paphos’ brand will likely be phased out of the market. “We are still working on the plans… most important is that we believe that the joining of forces will enable us to better serve our joint customers.”

Quint is led by a Board of two: CEO Maurice Boon and CFO Frank Grift. Shareholders of Paphos Group have joined Quint’s partnership.