The 40 best companies to work for in the Netherlands

16 June 2020 3 min. read

New research among employees and HR leaders sheds light on which companies in the Netherlands are the best workplaces. Meet the country’s top employers to work for. 

In what has become somewhat of a tradition now, every year human capital research institute Great Place to Work assesses the company culture of hundreds of employers in the country. The researchers look at two main components: how happy employees are with their employer and the opportunities they are provided, and how the company culture fosters an environment which allows employees to excel. 

The culture audit looks at aspects such as how companies inspire their employees, how transparent they operate, the degree of inclusiveness, how work-life balance is supported, and how professional development is supported, among others. The employee satisfaction survey asks employees to rate their employers on aspects such as job satisfaction, communication and collaboration among teams, company ethics and integrity, and the quality of leadership. 

The 40 best companies to work for in the Netherlands

According to the benchmark, these are the top companies to work for in the Netherlands: 

Top multinational employers

1. Atlassian
2. Salesforce
3. Cisco
4. AbbVie
5. Mars
6. Hilton
7. SAS
8. De Adecco Group
9. Synechron
10. Hilti 

Top large employers

1. Coöperatie DELA
2. Incentro
3. AFAS Software
4. Kindergarden
5. Careflex Zorg Groep
6. Regardz Hospitality Group &
7. Macaw
8. Kinderopvang Berend Botje
9. DC Klinieken
10. Staedion 

Top medium-sized employers

1. LCG
2. Werkmandejong
3. ICM opleidingen & trainingen
4. Ormit
5. Solid Professionals
6. Quint
7. Fakton
8. Nextview
9. Alzheimer Netherlands
10. Freo 

Best small employers

1. Viisi
2. Republiq
3. Protime
4. Rackspace
5. Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals
6. Dopper
7. Solventa
8. Accuracy
9. Nétive VMS
10. CRUX Engineering 

The list of top employers features a number of well-known members of the consulting industry. Headquartered in New York, financial services consulting and technology firm Synechron has arond 8,000 employees globally, with its Dutch team one of the leading consultants in the local market.

Lean Consultancy Group (LCG), a consultancy and training firm specialised in lean, has been named the country’s best medium-sized employer, while five other consultancies have also made the prestigious cut in this category. These are Ormit (a talent development consultancy), Solid Professionals (a risk & compliance consulting firm devoted to the financial services industry), Quint (a Netherlands-headquartered internal business-IT consulting firm), Fakton (a real estate consultancy) and Nextview (a Salesforce consultancy).

Republiq and Accuracy have both been named a top company to work for in the small category. Republiq is a local Dutch consultancy specialised in real estate and property management, while Accuracy is a French-origin international consulting firm focused on financial advisory services.