Deloitte creates 700 jobs with European service centre in Romania

04 May 2017 2 min. read

Big Four professional services firm Deloitte has opened its first and only European regional service centre in Romania. The new location plans to employ 800 by 2020, following its opening in May.

Deloitte has been present in Romania since 1992. Over the following 25 years, the firm has provided auditing, advisory, legal, financial consulting, risk management and tax services, as well as other related services to public and private industry clients in the region. The professional services giant presently employs 600 in its three offices in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara.

With the launch of its new European services centre, located in the northern part of Romanian capital Bucharest, the firm has already added 100 IT consultants to its staff, with more to come over the following three years. Deloitte said in a press release that it plans to have employed a further 700 people by 2020.

Deloitte creates 700 jobs with European service centre in Romania

Satya Swaroop Roddam, Managing Director of Deloitte's Technology arm in Romania , said of the new office, "The decision to open our technology centre in Bucharest shows a recognition of Romania's IT talents and of the local IT market's dynamics. I am confident that this regional service centre will become a global reference point and will offer IT talents in Romania the opportunity to develop their skills by engaging in major international projects.”

The European Regional Service Center in Bucharest joins the other three Deloitte technology centres in the world. They are also found in Hyderabad (India), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Orlando (USA).

The centre will offer services such as SAP software activities and digital technologies management to clients based in Romania and other European markets. The Eastern European consulting industry expanded by 5% to reach a total value of €1.1 billion in 2016, according to Source Global Research, and demand is set to further grow in areas such as financial services, automotive, healthcare, retail and energy – with Deloitte subsequently ramping up its regional presence in the hopes of tapping into this coming boom.