Chappuis Halder launches offering for financial technology investors

03 March 2021 2 min. read

International financial services consultancy Chappuis Halder has launched FinDepth – a platform that helps financial technology (FinTech) investors secure returns on their investments through comprehensive due diligence and post-deal performance frameworks.

FinDepth takes a modular approach to due diligence, and continues its work in the post-deal phase by tracking performance and commercial adoption of FinTech solutions. The goal is to leverage Chappuis Halder’s in-depth financial services expertise to create value for investors.

“Bringing transparency into the investment process and more importantly focusing on the post-investment adoption of new technology within the Financial industry is our focus,” noted Stephane Eyraud, chief executive officer and co-founder of Chappuis Halder.


The FinDepth proposition forms one arm of a newly formed trifecta – aimed at supporting strategic corporate investors in the rapidly expanding FinTech space. FinTech Connex – the second arm – is a specialist firm founded by former bankers that helps FinTech companies meet their funding needs.

FinTechConnex not only supported Chappuis Halder with developing FinDepth, but the two firms also combined to launch FinTechAxis – the third arm that links investors and FinTech companies with transaction advisory services for the entire deal lifecycle.

“The trilogy of the new companies will be able to assist all ecosystem participants to be fully aligned in driving returns on investment for the benefit of all,” explained Eyraud, who joins the board of FinDepth and FinTech Connex.

Also on both boards is Niall Cameron, founder of FinTechConnex and former global head of corporate and institutional digital at banking giant HSBC. For him, FinTech is the future, and bringing capital to the sector is of the essence.

“The world of financial technology is of increasing importance and is in the middle of a phase of rapid growth. The FinTech industry has a crucial role to play in this development and we believe in the purpose and power of strategic investment to facilitate mutual goals.”

Cameron set up the company with another former HSBC man – managing director and head of business oversight & strategy – Martin Neall. Also involved in the setup is Tim Sykes – corporate finance director at FinTech firm Byhiras. Together with Eyraud and other Chappuis Halder experts, the trio is set to turbocharge the global FinTech landscape at a crunch time for the industry.

Funding dried up globally in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak – affecting myriad FInTechs that were just finding their feet. That said, digital banking adoption has skyrocketed on the back of pandemic-induced behavioural changes, posing a strong growth opportunity for the industry. The new multifaceted trifecta is well positioned to help with both the challenges and the opportunities going forth.