Dogma Alares supports construction giant with transformation plan

15 July 2021 2 min. read

Dogma Alares has helped building company Rönesans Construction set up a digital transformation roadmap – securing executive buy-in and budgeting for the project. 

Headquartered in Ankara, Rönesans is a global construction contractor and investor with assets of over $9 billion across 28 countries; over 70,000 employees; and a $5.4 billion turnover. Investments span real estate, energy, industry and healthcare – among other key sectors. 

Having traced healthy growth since launching in 1993, the company has been challenged to keep pace with the rate of tech-driven disruption and growing competitiveness in recent years – all amid declining infrastructure investments worldwide. Keen to adapt into an agile, modern business, Rönesans tapped Dogma Alares to help formulate a digitalisation strategy for its Turkish business unit. 

Dogma Alares supports construction giant with transformation plan

The mandate was to skim through Rönesans’ end to end operations – to find what sets the company apart from competitors, and how to strengthen those advantages. “The detailed assessment of operations were tied to developing and improving the core capabilities of the firm,” explained Dogma Alares founding partner Kıvanç Emiroğlu. 

The Istanbul and London-based consultancy put together a team of its own experts as well as four leading external advisors with expertise in site engineering, technology, logistics & procurement and human resources – for a multifaceted approach to problem-solving.

Core capabilities

The team set about evaluating the status quo: breaking the vast operations into four key pillars of process, governance, organisation and technology – each examined for efficiency and profitability levers. Five focus areas – or core capabilities – emerged, which “Rönesans needed to secure future competitiveness and improve profitabilty,” according to Rönesans Construction’s Turkey management team. 

Some are geared towards growth. For instance, Rönesans should work on building and retaining a skilled and experienced talent base that is keen to grow and aligns with its culture.

Then there are customer relations with Rönesans’ wide base of clients worldwide. Fostering long-term associations based on trust and guaranteed value is key to stability and growth in the future. In terms of efficiency, the experts suggested strategic management of suppliers and contractors, and the deployment of tailored advanced tech solutions across the back end and project sites. 

With these five objectives in mind, the team developed an action plan for transformation. The C-suite and the board have been convinced, and a future investment has been secured to set up a targeted digital transformation team to design and execute a roadmap of transformation projects.