Möbius delivers supply chain improvements in Belgium and France

05 August 2021 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

Helping clients with supply chain transformation is one of the key offerings of business transformation consultancy Möbius is. A look at how the Belgian-origin advisory firm helped two of its clients in the space. 


Paris-based Engie supplies natural gas and green electricity across France – topped off with country-leading services in installation, maintenance and repair services for heating and air conditioning. The 170,000-strong eco-minded company hopes to accelerate the energy transition towards net zero usage – choosing quality customer service as a means to advance this agenda. 

Engie sought predictive supply chain capabilities to keep a firm grip on inventory – and communicate changes to the end user in real time. A comprehensive overhaul was required – and Möbius was tapped for support.

Möbius delivers supply chain improvements in Belgium and France

A multifaceted task: the consulting firm designed a new set of processes that governed information flows between the supply chain and other departments such as purchasing, marketing, field workers and human resources. An optimal level of stock was set based on simulations of various options, and expectations were set for new prediction and restocking tools.

The parameters defined, Möbius let Engie’s stakeholder ecosystem know about the new operating model; managed and coordinated the implementation; and trained Engie staff along the way on usage and adaptation of the new system.

“By providing support all along the way, Möbius has enabled our teams to gradually increase their skills and professionalise our processes in a sustainable way,” explained Engie’s supply chain director Stéphane Moillic. The results: a 96% service level to agencies that enables better customer service; a 15% cut in transport costs; and a 10% cut to inventory. 

Colruyt laagste prijzen

Belgian low-cost egrocery platform Colruyt laagste prijzen (CLP) has nearly 250 stores across Belgium – offering over 60,000 discounted deals on regular food products. The company sought a way to cluster this extensive network based on value chain performance.

Key questions of why certain branches performed better than others, and how to leverage these for broader business benefits had to be answered to this end – and Möbius was called in to deliver. 

The firm ran a deep analysis of the logistical status quo – spanning real and predicted turnover, square footage of branches and delivery patterns. The consultants developed a customised tool that could use this data to simulate the flow of goods across branches – providing an overview of CLP’s operations and revealing impact areas.

The insights were crystallised into key recommendations for CLP on an individual branch basis, which could then be used to build a strategic approach to cluster them. “It’s surprising how such a model objectifies the essential factors that are necessary to move in the same direction,” noted CLP’s logistics director Martine Pauwels.