Möbius is a management consulting company that supports organizations by designing and implementing sustainable business solutions at strategic moments throughout their lifecycle.

We are active in different sectors:
we work for government and health institutionsindustrial and service companies.

We are profoundly different. We start from your needs and take your customers into account. Shoulder to shoulder, we aim for sustainable results with focus on engaging your employees and an eye for knowledge transfer.

Möbius is active in Belgium, France and the Netherlands with more than 100 consultants. Möbius was founded as a spin-off of the University of Ghent more than 20 years ago.

Strategic pillars
Our purpose is to achieve daily impact and exceptional results in your company by stimulating cooperation and implementing innovative solutions.

We live by these values

We stand shoulder to shoulder, with our colleagues and with our clients. Together we create solutions to achieve common goals. We are fans of talent and therefore stimulate individual competencies in performant teams.

We bring innovation and extra creativity to everything we do. We question evidence. We applaud initiative on each level and expect everyone to take on ownership. More so, we encourage it.

We passionately take on any challenge. We resolutely put theory into practice, words into deeds. Testing, adapting and moving on invigorated, driven to make progress. Never give up until we succeed.

We want to give our customers a valuable return on investment with a big impact. We emerge ourselves into the core of the challenge, responding in a solution oriented way, while always keeping the ultimate end goal in mind.

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