BCG and Kearney sign sustainable aviation fuel partnerships

24 November 2021 2 min. read

Two of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms – Boston Consulting Group and Kearney – have stepped up their commitment to sustainable travel through sustainable aviation fuel-focused partnerships.

Last month, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced that it has agreed an eight-year partnership with SkyNRG, a provider of sustainable aviation fuel. BCG joins Microsoft, SkyScanner, PwC, and others as a Board Now program Leader – the highest membership level. 

Sustainable aviation fuel is one of the key innovations for a greener aviation industry. According to estimates from SkyNRG, neat (unblended) sustainable aviation fuel can result in an up to 85% reduction in CO2 emissions depending on the feedstock and technology used.

BCG and Kearney sign sustainable aviation fuel partnerships

Enabling its consultants to fly with sustainable aviation fuel will help BCG slash its air travel carbon footprint. “Lower-carbon air travel is a vital part of achieving our net-zero goal, as well as the global climate targets,” said Rich Lesser, the chairman of the US-headquartered consulting giant. 

Meanwhile, Kearney has partnered with Lufthansa’s Compensaid scheme to support the further development of sustainable aviation fuel.

“Since early 2020, Kearney and Lufthansa have worked with other value chain partners to develop strategies that will increase the economic feasibility of sustainable aviation fuel. Kearney’s financial support formalises this intra-industry partnership and is a necessary step in developing this critical technology to ensure the next generation of air travel becomes carbon-neutral,” explained Philipp Bensel, a partner at Kearney. 

Carsten Gerhardt, also a partner at Kearney, added: “As a consulting firm, we have a duty to be experts in innovative and emerging technologies so we can lead by example and provide the very best advice and hands-on expertise to our clients. As a global company, we are committed to taking bold action on sustainability and this is exactly what the sustainable aviation industry needs – bold action.”