BearingPoint IT Advisory supports clients with digital transformation

20 April 2018 3 min. read

The IT Advisory practice of BearingPoint helps clients with developing and implementing digital strategies. To bring digital transformation transitions to a successful close, the firm’s approach combines advice with governance and deep functional knowledge. “Providing direction and guidance is key” said John Septer, head of BearingPoint's IT Advisory service line in the Netherlands. 

How do I make strategy tangible and concrete? “That is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients,” explained John Septer, who has more than ten years of experience in business IT. “There are multiple avenues that lead to the right solution, yet at the same time there are also many dependencies, which combined make the equation a challenging on.”

In their bid to successfully manage complex IT changes, organisations can according to Septer benefit from appointing a transition lead. He elaborated: “A transition lead helps shape, advise on and support decision-making in order to ultimately take the right steps, in a fact-based manner. A transition lead also ensures that the various stakeholders are aware, and that they have an understanding of options and decisions, plus know in which way the transition is heading. Control is the key word here.” 

BearingPoint IT Advisory supports clients with digital transformation

Besides ensuring ‘control’ is in place, it is key that organisations have clear insight in the capabilities that are necessary to generate the right value. Septer said: “Capabilities stand for technology, people, the process, content and data. These five aspects of a capability are all connected to each other and therefore serve as a precondition for success. It is a big puzzle that can be different in every situation – the maturity of an organisation in people and technology is hereby a crucial factor. That makes such transitions complex, but certainly not unsolvable.”

Septer indicated how BearingPoint’s IT Advisory practice can help with the actual translation of (digital) strategy into concrete plans. “Across the five aforementioned capability, we provide for the right translations into action, as well as bring in a proven methodology and implementation track record. On top of this, we ensure that there is a clear link with the set objectives within the organisation (strategy) and that change support is nurtured for the necessary activities.”

The IT Advisory arm of BearingPoint provides several offerings that help clients with their IT challenges, including: Setting up a digital business model; Agile ways of working; Software selection based on prototyping; IT related maturity scan on technology and people; (ERP) system implementation and change management; Roll out of an omnichannel commerce platform; and filling in the role of Digital Officer / Digital Solution Architect. 

To come to a successful result, BearingPoint follows an integral approach, combining several competencies that sit within its IT Advisory team. "We offer companies an independent view, guidance and advice on digital transformation processes. Direction and control are pivotal to our approach. Together with our customers we make the difference,” concluded Septer.