Innopay launches German edition of ‘Everything Transaction’

18 November 2022 2 min. read

Following previous editions in Dutch and English, Innopay’s award-winning management book ‘Everything Transaction’ has now made its debut in German bookstores.

In ‘Everything Transaction’, authors Shikko Nijland, Douwe Lycklama and Chiel Liezenberg explore the benefits, drawbacks and future of one of the fastest emerging topics in the digital world: transactions.

In an increasingly digitising landscape, every interaction between consumers and/or entities is becoming a transaction. Such ‘transactions’ stretch from the basic purchase of goods or services, to data information exchanges between parties through to access of key services such as financial products or government services

Innopay - Open Finance

“These data-driven transactions are becoming relevant across industries, in particular in the financial services industry in the shape of ‘open finance’,” explained Douwe Lycklama, one of the book’s three authors alongside Shikko Nijland and Chiel Liezenberg.

All three authors are experienced advisors and pioneers in the payments and financial technology space. Lycklama and Liezenberg founded Innopay in 2003, and Nijland is the firm’s managing partner.

Building on their experiences, the authors focus on the developments in the financial services space, walking through several fundamental questions, including: How will transactions evolve in the context of financial services? What role should entities like financial institutions and service providers play? And which commercial opportunities and risks are involved?

One concept which is discussed elaborately is data ownership, a theme that recently made the headlines following the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook case. The authors outline how the data of consumers is increasingly being monetised by institutions, and how the current imbalance could be corrected though a shift to a more decentralised model.

“Our book offers numerous up-to-date insights and concepts for players operating in an increasingly data-driven economy, and helps executives in the financial sector to grasp the opportunities of open finance,” said Lycklama.

Alles Transaktion was formally unveiled yesterday at TRX 22, a payments and transactions focused event that took place in Frankfurt.