Detecon Consulting opens 5G test center in Cologne headquarters

02 April 2023 2 min. read

International consulting firm Detecon Consulting has opened a 5G testing center in Cologne, Germany.

Detecon Consulting opened its ‘FiveGDock’ 5G testing site at its headquarters in the Bayenwerft in Cologne, which the firm moved into last year. The move makes it the first German consultancy to establish a 5G campus network in its own premises.

The FiveGDock is designed to function as a demonstration center for connectivity-driven business processes and will offer a place for businesses to experiment with implementing 5G capabilities. It will serve as a platform for showcasing tech-innovations including robotics, 5G, IoT sensor technology, and augmented/virtual reality.

Detecon Consulting opens 5G test center in Cologne headquarters

Some clients, like leading German IT enterprise Zeiss, have already committed to benefit from the new 5G campus network. Detecon is set to manage the validation and testing of different use cases in Zeiss’ campus networks, a project that was possible thanks to laboratory trials at the 5G testing center.

“We here at Detecon Consulting see ourselves as pioneers for hyperconnectivity. We regard the FiveGDock as an opportunity to pass on our own experience and to support industry clients during one of the most important transformations of the day, from the initial assessment to prototyping to implementation,” said Detecon Consulting CEO Ralf Pichler.

Detecon Consulting has sung the 5G gospel for years, noting in 2019 that the new technology was “an important building block for digitisation and a key factor in the realisation of Industry 4.0.” Meanwhile, a more recent study found that the potential benefits of 5G can significantly outweigh the costs, although significant investments are required to bring the technology to fruition.

“We offer all industries an ecosystem in which various use cases can be combined with groundbreaking digitalization technologies to determine possible benefits and potential. Productivity boosts, cost efficiency, but also sustainability are the primary factors that will make 5G campus networks indispensable for successful industry players in the future,” said Christian Maasem, Managing Partner at Detecon Consulting.