BearingPoint adds Toucan Toco's data storytelling solution to offering

20 December 2018 4 min. read

Consulting firm BearingPoint has forged a partnership with Toucan Toco, a French startup specialised in bringing data-driven insights to life through storytelling and visualisation. Building on both firms’ belief that storytelling can play an important role in successfully realising and embedding (digital) business change, the two are working together in France and the Netherlands.

Toucan Toco is a four-year-old startup that focuses on using storytelling techniques to make the key messages of data-heavy information more appealing for executives and professionals. The fast growing company does so through the use of visualisation – similar to how rivals PowerBI, Tableau or Qlik operate – and storytelling. “Toucan Toco's software helps to visualise large amounts of data in a user-friendly way so that each user can quickly gain insight into the relevant performance indicators,” explained Baptiste Jourdan, co-founder of Toucan Toco. The firm’s software supports data from a range of functions, from marketing and finance to sales, human resources and management. 

Having already expanded into Spain and Italy, Toucan Toco – which works for the likes of Renault, Total, Axa, L'Oréal and Moët Hennessy – has now set its sights on the Netherlands. In pursuing its local Dutch ambitions, the firm will yet again collaborate with BearingPoint. With over 4,500 employees, BearingPoint is one of Europe’s larger management and technology consulting companies.BearingPoint adds Toucan Toco's data storytelling solution to offeringThe consulting firm’s French practice has already been working with Toucan Toco for a while, with the partnership recently also embraced by BearingPoint’s operation in Europe’s seventh largest economy by size (GDP). “The partnership in the Netherlands is a nice next step in our joint mission and I look forward to helping Dutch organisations to get the most out of their data,” commented Jourdan.

BearingPoint’s Dutch practice is based in Amsterdam and employs a team of around 60 consultants. Jaco Van Zijll Langhout, a partner at BearingPoint in the Netherlands, said that the cooperation will add to its local services portfolio. First, it will allow the consultancy to provide its clients a tool that is not only used by data scientists, but has the intuitive and user-friendly engine to appeal to stakeholders of all kinds. “Traditional tools for data visualisation are mainly used by data analysts. This means that business users always have to go back when they want to see a specific dashboard. This takes time and impedes the effectiveness.” Moreover, by bringing data insights directly to the business professional, they will be able to make “faster and better decisions.”

Deeper insights and predictions

Analytics services has ascended to become one of BearingPoint’s largest growth areas. The company helps its clients with using advanced analytics and intelligent machine learning algorithms to generate deeper insights and predictions. Examples range from leveraging analytics to improve predictive maintenance, boost sales/marketing performance, enhance operational performance or to bolster risk management lines of defence. 

While there are dozens of tools on the market which BearingPoint considered to augment its portfolio, Van Zijll Langhout highlighted the user-friendliness of the application, the attractive interface and the mobile availability as the main reasons for opting for Toucan Toco. "We notice that companies are reluctant to use new tooling when extensive training is in place. There is a need for applications that are so accessible and intuitive that people like to work with them. We found this solution with Toucan Toco.” 

“With this added offering, we can help organisations anticipate even better and stay ahead of their competitors. For example, by paving the way for deeper analysis, more emphasis can be placed on predictive analytics [a technique used to more accurately foresee the future].”

Other partners Toucan Toco works with include Eulidia, Accenture, Umanis, Capgemini, Ecosys, Equancy and Primexis.

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