Capgemini Invent helps Eramet build world-class AI operations

04 February 2021 3 min. read

French mining & metallurgy giant Eramet and Capgemini Invent are developing advanced technology solutions for mining – deployed to make Eramet’s operations more safe, efficient, profitable and sustainable. The transformation programme has been recognised for setting a best practice standard at a French awards ceremony.

Eramet is a multinational company headquartered in Paris, with more than 12,000 employees globally and over €3.5 billion in revenues. The company’s subsidiaries are involved in a vast range of activities – from manufacturing aircraft components to recycling lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

In 2017, Eramet decided to digitalise its myriad operations, partnering with $1 billion-strong digital innovation and transformation consultancy – Capgemini Invent – to explore industrial uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Three years on, the partnership bagged the ‘Data & Technology’ award at the Syntec Conseil 2020 Grand Prix in France.

Capgemini Invent helps Eramet build world-class AI operations

“Since 2017, Eramet has been transforming itself with a clear vision of the industry of the future: intelligent, connected, safe and responsible mines and plants for people and natural resources. We have put digital transformation and digital intelligence at the heart of our performance. The first results are visible in the productivity of our mines and plants,” noted Ludovic Donati, Digital Transformation Director at Eramet. 

Digital transformation journey

The pair began by setting up a ‘Data Factory’ – an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to developing data and AI solutions, manned by over 50 data scientists, data engineers, developers and UX designers from both companies combined.

The group of experts examined transformation opportunities across the whole Eramet value chain: from predicting industrial risks in real time; to optimising energy sources for the company’s industrial facilities; to minimising the environmental impact of resource extraction. To make all this possible, information systems, drones and connected sensors were deployed across Eramet’s 39 industrial sites spread across the world.

What results is a global company that embodies mining & metallurgy of the future – evidenced by a sea of digital activity. In Norway, Eramet is working on boosting manganese and nickel alloy production in high temperature furnaces – by deploying AI to analyse predictive data on performance and quality.

In Sweden, Eramet’s powder metallurgy specialised subsidiary Erasteel is using AI to shorten the time-to-consumer of high performance steel. Setrag – a Gabonese rail transport company and Eramet subsidiary – is using technology to predict wear and tear on rail tracks and optimise maintenance. Meanwhile, mining activity in Senegal is being made more agile using data science solutions.

Underlying all these transformation efforts is a commitment to sustainability and responsible production, as per a Capgemini Invent statement. According to Donati, the journey is far from over.

“Capgemini Invent’s teams are working with us over the long term to deploy a high-performance data strategy in co-construction that is adapted to the challenges of our rapidly changing industry. Our ambition is to go even further in the control of our data, which gives agile players a competitive advantage.”

Executive Director of Capgemini Invent in France Mathieu Dougados applauded the award-winning partnership, describing it as “emblematic of what Capgemini Invent wants to bring to its customers and its teams: an end-to-end digital transformation with data as the driving force and a permanent results-oriented co-construction approach.”