Magnus Red supported integration of new European power lines

31 May 2021 3 min. read

The future of energy in Europe depends on stronger electricity transmission infrastructure. Dutch management consultancy Magnus Red has recently helped implement two projects – ALEGrO and Nordlink – for better interconnectivity across markets. 

ALEGrO is a 1,000-megawatt direct current interconnector that links the power grids of Belgium and Germany, while the 1,400 megawatt Nordlink interconnector creates a direct current link between Germany and Norway. “Both interconnectors add significant capacity and are thus valuable additions to the European electricity grid,” noted Christiane Stut, manager at Magnus Red’s energy team. 

ALEGrO and Nordlink went live late last year, and Magnus Red – a member of the Nextcontinent global network of consulting firms – played a leading role in the implementation of both projects.

Magnus Red supported integration of new European power lines


ALEGrO’s 1,000 MW capacity is equivalent to that of a medium nuclear powerplant. The line forms the first power link between Belgium and Germany, and has tremendous applications for integrating renewables in the power grid – in addition to shoring up supply and cutting electricity prices. 

In the role of project management support, Magnus Red developed an overall project plan; facilitated decision-making as a neutral third party; helped integrate the project into existing cross-border structures; and leveraged its energy expertise to provide insights through the project lifecycle. The result: ALEGrO was commissioned on schedule, despite the complexity of integrating a direct current integrator with an alternating current grid. 

According to Stut, detailed scenario planning – accounting for exceptional circumstances – helped achieve this goal. “At the same time, care has been taken to ensure that the interconnector is also integrated in all operational processes. This ensures that the bilateral communication and processes between the parties operating the cable run safely,” she added. 


Also known as the “green link,” Nordlink is a 1,400 MW renewables-focused interconnector that will transmit wind power from Germany to Norway, and hydropower in the other direction. Both countries’ individual grids will benefit from a more steady, secure and low-cost power supply, while the scaled exchange of renewable energy will help foster a greener grid across Europe. 

Magnus Red’s contribution came in test management and implementation support. The firm’s expertise in pan-European power regulations helped ensure a smooth integration – particularly when it came to alignment with other projects.

“An example of this is securing slots for the testing of this asset in the various OPSCOMs (governance bodies responsible for handling Request for Changes), which can be a time-consuming endeavour due to the dependencies on other projects,” explained Stut.

Magnus Red used its system knowledge and capabilities to ensure that testing was seamless, and Nordlink was inaugurated on time last year.

The successful implementations highlight the expertise and capabilities that Magnus Red brings to the table for the implementation of complex transmission system projects.