BearingPoint supports Wipak with 2025 zero-emission goal

15 June 2021 2 min. read

BearingPoint has successfully helped European food and medical packaging company Wipak with a data-backed overview of its carbon footprint – for disclosure to consumers and compliance with global sustainability standards.

Wipak is the European packaging subsidiary of Helsinki-based trade conglomerate Wihuri Group. The former is an 1,800-strong company with 11 packaging plants spread across Europe – generating revenues of around €450 million. Spurred on by climate change risks and a global sustainability push, Wipak is looking to cut emissions from this sizeable operation down to zero.

A crucial first step here is to have a clear idea of the status quo, and where there is most room for improvement. “We were searching for a professional and trusted carbon accounting software to calculate corporate and product carbon footprints,” explained Wipak’s manager for sustainability and patents Dorit Nelke-Bruhn.

BearingPoint supports Wipak with 2025 zero-emission goal

BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator was chosen as the tool of choice – calibrated with all standardised scopes of greenhouse gases with provisions for the carbon footprint of supporting processes such as commuting or running offices. 

Calculating emissions

Experts from the management consultancy were called in by Wipak to implement the solution – a process that began with a set of workshops to hone in on key impact areas. Step two was to gather all data possible on emissions across material acquisition, freight transportation, manufacturing and warehouses, as well as support processes.  

This was enough to calculate a ‘corporate carbon footprint’ for business operations. The firm also helped Wipak discover the carbon footprint of individual products and services for disclosure to the end consumer. Today, the application uses real time analytics to track over 1,400 purchased goods, 3,500 semi-finished products and 4,700 finished products – every single day. 

The benefits are far-reaching. One is compliance. “Wipak needed to ensure accurate carbon footprint calculations to comply with future sustainability regulations and laws, and it now can with our Emission Calculator solution,” noted Mika Niemelä – Helsinki-based partner at BearingPoint. 

Beyond this, a clear visual of high-emission business areas enables efficient, accurate and data-driven decision-making for Wipak to meet its 2025 net zero objective. Built into the solution is automated tracking of regulatory updates across global sustainability standards – a hallmark of BearingPoint’s RegTech expertise and a crucial tool for internal and external audits. 

“Today, with our solution, the company is well on its way to achieving a zero-carbon footprint by 2025,” concluded Niemelä.