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Papendorpseweg 100
3528 BJ Utrecht
PO Box 5005
3502 JA Utrecht

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Phone:  + 31 88 247 17 77

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Unit4 is in business for people. We’ve specialized in software products for service organizations, where people make the difference, since the early 1980s. Today, we build the smartest enterprise applications on the planet. Our technology is central to the organizations we serve – it improves efficiency and productivity, and allows people to spend more time on meaningful work. Using the latest AI, machine learning and digital technologies, our customers can make more sense of business-critical data than ever before. Our cloud ERP, financial management, corporate performance management and industry-focused solutions generate rapid value in the strategic processes of organizations from sectors including professional services, higher education, public services and not-for-profit – helping each person to create better value for themselves, their organization and their customers.

Expert software services

Our aim is to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from choosing and using Unit4 software. All our solutions are underpinned by a wealth of expertise with many years of knowledge and experience from working with customer organizations in a wide range of sectors, all over the world.

Unit4 delivers various types of customer service and engagement to complement and support your organization's own resources, ensuring a swift, successful implementation, followed by smooth running and optimum results:

Implementation services
Unit4 software solutions are designed for swift, "pain-free" implementation, getting them up and running quickly, with a minimum of impact on your staff and business. We apply proven, established services methodologies, based on internationally accepted standard techniques, to ensure your project is well planned, predictable and straightforward, and that end users can acquire all the knowledge and expertise necessary to assume full control and mastery of their solution.

Consulting services
Our powerful solutions are complemented by dedicated teams of business and technical experts, offering a wide range of assistance, such as technical services and business consultancy.

Our experts work with you to build and maintain high-quality administrative, analytic and function-focused systems that meet your business challenges and help you to seize opportunities.

Our training teams can help your organization to make the best possible use of your Unit4 software solutions. For example, helping users to:

  • understand in detail what our products can do
  • get your system up and running more quickly and at a lower cost
  • get the maximum, ongoing return on your software investment
  • get benefits more quickly from new products and releases.

Courses are delivered by professional trainers, who have a broad experience in working with our software. And, being part of our organization, they are up to date with the latest product releases and technology and can draw on the experience of our other consulting and training professionals.

Unit4’s approach to support gives you easy access to the knowledge and the friendly, professional help to quickly and effectively solve any problems or queries that you experience with our products. Support services are tailored so that you can choose the level of assistance that best meets your requirements and available in-house resources. In addition, a range of online resources (e.g. product knowledge-bases and extranets) offer a wealth of helpful information and self-service assistance for our customers.

User Groups
In parallel with our day-to-day service offerings, we work in partnership with the various national and international User Groups for our products, to help keep our customers informed and engaged in our ongoing development of software so that Unit4 software solutions will keep helping you achieve your business goals, both now and in the future.

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We’re in business for people. As the leading enterprise software company built for people-centric organisations, we pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, the quality of our solutions and our team who make great possible.

We're continually looking for talented people who are passionate about their work and the contribution they can make.

By joining Unit4 you will have numerous opportunities to work with talented teams around the world, learn from dedicated professionals, and build your skills to make an impact.

Whether you are an intern or part of the senior leadership team, your contributions matter to us. Every person at Unit4 is provided with the tools and opportunities they need for professional development to ensure they continue to grow and succeed.

Our culture

Our company culture shapes our behaviors, and goes into all the products we build and deliver to our customers. The Unit4 culture is best described by the following five attributes.

We invest our time in the achievement of our objectives
We invest our time in the achievement of our objectives Unit4 is positioned better than ever before to empower people in service organizations to be more productive, but no opportunity remains forever. In a complex, dynamic world like ours, focus and speed in execution are essential for the success of our company. Focusing and selecting the right things is of paramount importance and means each and every one of us has to make sure that we invest our time in what really matters and what helps us reach our long-term goals. When working on a project always keep the bigger picture and our strategy in mind: is it relevant for me to spend time now on this specific task, will the outcome have a positive impact on our objectives?

When in charge, take control
When in charge take control Our business is complex and very dynamic. To take advantage of the exciting opportunities our market poses, we all need to be able to identify things that are not optimal and even more important ways to improve or fix them. Being successful in our industry requires people that are in charge and take control. When you come across an issue that does not lie in your competence, the famous hot potato shouldn’t get handed around. Instead involve the right colleagues who can help realize the needed improvements. Only by having a sense a shared responsibility towards both internal and external stakeholders, we can be successful.

Create an environment to be successful
We create an environment for people around us to be successful Every day we are each responsible for making the most out of the opportunities available to us. However, no one succeeds individually. Together we accomplish way more than anyone could do individually. So, it is not a choice whether to be connected to those around us; rather, we can choose how best to support those we work with so that their success contributes to the entire organization’s goals. Then we can all feel proud that we’ve made as many as possible as successful as possible.

We drive our success by supporting our customers success
We drive our success by supporting our customers’ success The whole economy is going service. For us, as a service organization, we will no longer be rewarded on the time we spend with our customers, but rather on the business results realized: how we help them manage their financial assets, retain their best talents, gain inefficiency and attract the best students, researchers and teachers. Our customers’ success is our success. When looking at your role within Unit4, ask yourself: how can my activities contribute to positive customers’ outcomes?

We are in business for people
We are in business for people We are in business for people – for organizations that have a very serious mandate and role to fulfill in the economy. Our customers help to educate millions of people, they serve millions of citizens, build unbelievable things like airports, islands, cities or they build, run and manage homes for hundreds of thousands of people to live in. They have an incredibly powerful impact on society. Our role is to provide technology which enables people to do what they do best and liberates them from low added value, repetitive tasks. We serve people-centric organizations, and their success is exclusively down to the success of their people. Thanks to our products and our belief that we create an environment for people around us to be successful, we can truly state that we are in business for people.

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