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Focus on business value  

Changing market conditions, growing competition and new digital business models require a more focused application of data and technology. This puts pressure on IT organizations, which are often stuck with old technology and inward-looking delivery processes. The business value realized by such IT organizations often disappoints because the services delivered are not connected to the company's ambitions. As a result, IT continues to be seen as a cost center. 

Connecting information technology to the nature, context and ambition of companies to create maximum impact and business value. That was and still is the core mission of Anderson MacGyver. Our founders, Rik Bijmholt and Gerard Wijers, always encouraged IT senior management and general leadership to improve ways of working – fully aligned to business needs. Anderson MacGyver operates in the Benelux, the Nordics, and in Germany with offices in IJsselstein and Stockholm, and Düsseldorf. 

About Anderson MacGyver 

Anderson MacGyver believes in an authentic approach to support organizations in achieving their goals. With genuine passion, we initiate innovation and set a challenging and inspiring strategic digital agenda with our clients. This enables them to prepare for the digital world of the future and build a modern and focused organization. We are dedicated to helping our clients and making the necessary changes in their organizations. We are recognized for our experience, commitment and drive to make a lasting impact. Using our approaches, based on the latest scientific insights, we aim to drive innovation and support our clients in their transformation. 

We support clients in creating business value by setting up digital strategies, implementing technology organizations focused on the business, selecting 'fit for purpose' solutions and technology partners, defining and implementing a data vision and organizing data capabilities. In doing so, we help clients with their digital transformation. A clear roadmap for a future where data and technology are used to create competitive advantage is essential for digital transformation. Anderson MacGyver challenges clients' business strategy and helps define their strategic digital agenda. 

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The business model of the future  

Markets are changing rapidly; existing business models are under pressure and being challenged by radically new, digital business models. Increasing pressure for efficiency has led to IT environments becoming outdated, resulting in dissatisfaction among managers with their internal digital organization. Smarter use of information is the key to enabling new business models.    

Collaborating with the business  

At Anderson MacGyver, we believe that IT organizations must act primarily as a partner of the business and must constantly think and act with added value for the customer in mind. As a result, technology and information opportunities are more effectively leveraged. No separate "IT and the business," but working together in multi-modal teams with a shared vision and strategic approach for the customer. 

Powerful potential of data and technology 

Our core purpose is to harness unrealized business value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology and data. 

1. Impactful collaboration 
We work together with our clients to realize sustainable value and impactful change to drive their long-term transformation journey. 

2. Multimodal mindset 
We work together with our clients to realize sustainable value and impactful change to drive their long-term transformation journey. 

3. IP-based culture 
We continuously use and develop our intellectual property based on academic research, market insights and our practical experience. 

4. Highly skilled consultants 
We recruit, develop and retain passionate and authentic professionals with a focus on delivering value for our clients.  

Meet our passionate team of consultants. The people at Anderson MacGyver combine experience, knowledge, skills and above all, lots of enthusiasm to create impact for your organization. 

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