Anderson Macgyver

Connecting information technology to the nature, context and ambition of companies to create maximum impact and business value. That was and still is the core mission of Anderson MacGyver. Our founders, Rik Bijmholt and Gerard Wijers, always encouraged IT senior management and general leadership to improve ways of working – fully aligned to business needs.

Focus on business value

Changing market circumstances, growing competition and new digital business models require a more focused application of data and technology. This puts pressure on internal IT organizations, which are often stuck with legacy technology and internally focused delivery processes. Business value extracted by organizational IT often disappoints because internal services are not connected to the ambition of the company. IT continues to be considered a source of costs.

The core purpose of Anderson MacGyver is to harness the unrealized business value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology and data. An IP-based culture, passionate consultants with a multimodal mindset and focus on delivering business value by collaborating ensure strong client bonds, advisory with impact, sustainable results, and meaningful change. Anderson MacGyver operates in the Benelux, the Nordics and in Germany with offices in IJsselstein and Stockholm.

Our ambition

Everything we do is driven by our unique perspective on business, data and technology and is supported by our continuously developed concepts and models. Our multimodal mindset is based on three characteristics:

  • Business domain characteristics of activities that are using data and technology to create business value by delivering information, products, and services
  • Subculture characteristics of the organization provisioning data and technology services to support the specific business domains
  • Technology characteristics that define the way data and technology solutions should preferably be applied to support a specific business domain

This approach is so universal that we expect that by 2030 the Anderson MacGyver’s multimodal concepts are recognized as the global standard in guiding data & technology decision making and that our consultants successfully apply them within the most impactful organizations in Europe.

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