Anderson Macgyver

Anderson MacGyver’s mission is to support their customers in their transformation to the digital future. A future in which organizations utilize data and technology to create new opportunities, gain competitive advantages, and continuously adapt to an ever-changing society and market. In the role of change agent, we focus on:

Developing digital strategies
Data and technology heavily influence the way organizations operate. New companies with new digital business models are changing the market at rapid speed. Complete ecosystems are transforming. Incumbents are forced to start thinking about the way they will react to these digital developments.

Designing and implementing digital organizations
To remain relevant and continue your organization’s digitization, it is very important to be sufficiently agile. Knowledge on products and services, business processes, data and IT must be integrated into a quick-witted and viable organizational form.

Solutions for digital services
High IT-costs, unsatisfying application performance, an IT-landscape that does not meet its purpose, outdated infrastructures, or an ineffective partnership with suppliers. These are just a few examples of the issues that can occur with digital services.


Anderson MacGyver provides consulting services on the intersection of business and IT since we believe that this is what holds the largest potential benefit for organizations. We help our customers in their search for the optimal solution to their strategic and business challenges that have a significant data and technology component. What we deliver goes beyond advice only, for we also take responsibility for the realisation.

We gained substantial experience through a large number of different projects in numerous industries.

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