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As an international management consultancy, INVERTO is one of the leading specialists for strategic procurement and supply chain management in Europe. The consultancy identifies and realizes potentials for cost reduction and process optimization for its clients and supports them in the transformation of procurement.

A subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group since 2017, INVERTO supports companies in developing strategies, increasing efficiency, and digitizing procurement, helping them to remain competitive. Its clients include international corporations, leading medium-sized companies from industry and commerce, as well as the world's leading private equity firms. INVERTO currently maintains 12 locations in ten countries.

What makes INVERTO special as a procurement consultancy?

Procurement and supply chain management is key when it comes to strategic management, facing future challenges, and generating value for the entire company. Whether it’s decarbonization and sustainability, end-to-end digitalization, or supply chain reengineering and risk management: as a management consultancy with in-depth expertise and many years of project experience in procurement and SCM, we develop individual solutions for your situation. Our mission is to anchor long-term competencies, allowing your teams to expand further and achieve successes independently.

Clear focus on measurable and sustainable results

There is probably no other field where success can be measured as well as in procurement. The results of our work are directly visible, they increase efficiency and profitability. This applies to cost reductions, but also to the optimization of performance. Since released funds are available for investments and innovations, projects in procurement can provide impulses for the entire company.

Perfect balance of theory and practice to deliver procurement transformation

Our consultants not only work on customer projects, but also deal with current technical issues, industry-specific challenges or legal framework conditions within our Practie Areas and Center of Excellence. They prepare studies, whitepapers and professional articles in which they take a stand and give recommendations for action. Our aim is to further develop procurement in all its aspects and to define new standards. In this way, we support our clients in achieving the benchmarks in their respective industries.

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