Interview with Esther Splinter, Consultant at Anderson MacGyver

26 January 2018 3 min. read

After a decade in the logistics industry, Esther Splinter struggled to deliver the kind of impact she wanted to have at her company. Anderson MacGyver, a consulting firm based in the Netherlands, opened her eyes to the endless possibilities technology brings to business information. Now, as consultant, she aims to ignite that same spark within her own client organisations. 

What do you find most exciting about digital transformation?

At Anderson MacGyver, we believe that integrating business and technology is the key to unlocking an organisation’s potential. In the future, organisations will rely on data more and more to create opportunities, achieve competitive advantage and excel in a changing market. When we engage with companies, we help them to design and realise practical transformation strategies.

I work on a variety of projects, but what intrigues me most is the human element of digital transformation. For example, when we guide our customers in finding the right solution partner, we have to consider the company culture and the dynamics at play in the decision-making process. Whenever a company introduces IT and technology, there will be a need to change people and culture, and this is an area where I feel confident I can add value. 

At what moment did you decide you wanted to pursue a technology career?

Before I started at Anderson MacGyver, I spent over a decade working for a company in the logistics sector, where I was responsible for process optimisation. While I found the work interesting, I struggled to have the kind of impact I hoped to deliver. My company collaborated with Anderson MacGyver on a project, and I was immediately fascinated by the company’s fresh outlook and pragmatic approach. A light bulb went on: making a difference requires innovation, and today innovation is driven by technology.

Esther Splinter

In this way, Anderson MacGyver introduced me to the digital world and all the possibilities that technology brings, particularly within the context of business information. Now, as a consultant at Anderson MacGyver, I hope to ignite the same spark within my client companies. 

What is it like to work at Anderson MacGyver?

It’s hard to describe what happens when I’m in the office. There’s a feeling there that I cannot quite explain. It’s a dynamic atmosphere. We don’t just clock in, finish our work and clock out. We invest ourselves in our work and our clients. 

I have a passion and affinity for business information and technology. However, I have no formal IT knowledge, so I sometimes surprise my colleagues and our customers with my perspectives. This is the magic of Anderson MacGyver; because our consultants have different backgrounds and skill-sets, we can provide a fresh and comprehensive perspective for our clients. This enables us to achieve even greater results.

At the office, when I look into my colleagues’ eyes, I see a sparkle. I draw energy from this and become inspired to learn more about the subjects that pique my curiosity. It’s hard to define what ‘sparkle’ means. For me it’s very special, and I haven’t seen it at any other consulting agencies I’ve seen. That’s what working at Anderson MacGyver is like for me. It sparkles, and I feel like I sparkle too. Every day, I learn more about IT and technology, and I learn more about myself. I am standing at the centre of the digital world, and in that place there is never a dull moment.

This interview was conducted in partnership with RightBrains, a platform for women in digital technology.