Data storyteller Toucan Toco teams up with consulting firms

16 January 2020 4 min. read

After previously teaming up with consulting firm BearingPoint, Toucan Toco, a French company specialised in data storytelling, has also established partnerships with Accenture, Capgemini and Deloitte.

The software developed by Toucan Toco visualises large amounts of data in a user-friendly way. This gives users quick and clear insight into relevant performance indicators and enables them to make better, data-driven decisions. Storytelling also makes an important contribution to successfully realising (digital) business change.

The concept of the French company has attracted interest from numerous sectors, and as a result, just five years after launching, Toucan Toco is a scale-up. One of the firm’s first partners was the French wing of BearingPoint, a consulting firm with more than 4,500 consultants and digital specialists worldwide.

Baptiste Jourdan, co-founder and SVP Sales & Marketing at Toucan Toco, explains how this partnership started: “Through customers who were already working with our solution, such as Renault-Nissan and Sodexo, we were soon able to convince large parties to work with us. The strength of BearingPoint lies in supporting organisations with their digital transformation. BearingPoint knows that making data and data insights widely available to business professionals of all kinds – not just management – plays an important role in this process. Our software enables this. With that in mind, we forged a partnership.”

Toucan Toco

In December 2018, Toucan Toco expanded its BearingPoint partnership to include the Dutch division, and shortly after, Accenture, Capgemini and Deloitte also joined the Toucan Toco Alliance Partner Program.

Popular among consultants

When asked about the popularity of Toucan Toco among management consultants, Jourdan says; “The big advantage of Toucan Toco’s software is the user-friendliness of the application for every professional, the clear interface and the mobile availability. Moreover, no extensive training is needed, which overcomes the reluctance of companies to deploy new tooling."

Furthermore, “Toucan Toco software supports the successful implementation of change and digitisation, making it attractive to include our tool in the offer to customers. It helps organisations to anticipate even better and stay ahead of competitors. That's why consultants like to work with our software."

According to Jourdan, consultancy firms find that Toucan Toco has a strong position compared to other traditional suppliers of business intelligence solutions. While several suppliers promise that with their solution professionals can work with data themselves, in practice “only a few” keep this promise. “The software is simply too complex to use for someone who has no IT experience. Toucan Toco software does bridge this gap.”

Accenture, BearingPoint, Capgemini Invent, Deloitte

Implementation and licensing model

As part of a partnership, consulting firms can sell Toucan Toco software licenses (an extra revenue) and implement the software.

“We simply do not have the manpower to implement our software at all our customers. That is why we train and certify people within the consultancy industry to be able to adapt the product to the demands of their customers,” says Jourdan. “This approach makes sense because they have the necessary industry knowledge and know their customers inside out.”

For Toucan Toco, the partnership however revolves around more than sales and delivery. Building knowledge is important. Before consultants get certified to sell and implement the software, they must have delivered at least five projects with the software and completed an assessment.

The strength of Toucan Toco’s collaboration with consultants was recently demonstrated at beer brewer Heineken. “This organisation is large, to say the least, so it's important for us to have a partner that understands the company’s specifics. After we proved that Toucan Toco was the right solution for them, consultants from Accenture took over the process for customisation and worldwide implementation.”

The French scale-up has ambitious goals. The company wants to become a leader in tooling for change and expand internationally. To accomplish this, it recently received €12 million in growth funding.