Deloitte Digital helps Lamborghini boost customer experience

25 September 2020 2 min. read

Deloitte Digital has worked with Italian client Automobili Lamborghini to innovate its digital customer experience.

According to research from Salesforce, three-quarters of consumers have spent more money with a company because of a positive customer experience. As such, investing in a high-quality customer relationship management (CRM) tool is crucial for any business that wants to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

CRM offers a number of advantages which can help identify, understand, and assist clients, automating everyday tasks while helping personalise communication and improving customer service in the process. As a result, organisations from across the industrial gamut are turning to CRM to transform how they build relationships with their consumer base.

Deloitte Digital helps Lamborghini boost customer experience

With Italian motor giant Lamborghini looking to boost its relationship with customers, and improve sales as a result, the company contacted consultants from Deloitte Digital to help transforming its digital experience. Lamborghini wanted to deliver a service which matched its cars – letting customers express their unique personalities, needs, and desires.

To help deliver more relevant, personalised messaging toward that end, Deloitte Digitalcreated a new CRM platform using the Salesforce platform. Deloitte integrated the CRM with a content management system, enabling Lamborghini to create and deliver the right content to the right customers.

As the new digital touch-point is fully integrated with other business systems, all the new systems are available to the entire dealership network to help improve sales and service processes. Early results have revealed new selling opportunities and enabled Lamborghini to create tailored, one-to-one communications with their customers.

Elsewhere, Deloitte worked to develop a new app called Lamborghini Unica – enabling the firm to connect with customers, and to help customers connect with their cars, with functionalities such as ‘find my car,’ a digital garage, and remote-controlled headlights. Furthermore, Deloitte has continued to deliver new solutions every three to six months for Lamborghini.

This holistic approach means that as the combination of new platforms creates the foundation for a complete, scalable ecosystem of platforms, they cover all journeys and stages of the customer experience – something which will prove vital for building lasting relationships.

The project was led by Deloitte Digital Italy, helmed by Davide Turchetti and Matteo Bazzoni, and supported by experts from other country organisations.

With over 2,600 certified Salesforce specialists, Deloitte is one of Salesforce’s strategic partners globally for consulting and implementation services. The alliance is led by US-based partner Paul Clemmons.