USAID taps consultancy for humanitarian efforts in Europe’s conflict zone

14 October 2022 2 min. read

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has handed PM Consulting Group a major contract to help deliver international development and humanitarian aid support across Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova in the wake of the continuing Russia-Ukraine war.

The American government is one of Ukraine’s largest allies during the conflict, providing billions in financial support, weapons and arms (although the US is not formally supporting the on the ground war), military intelligence and humanitarian assistance.

The latter pillar is led by USAID, which has deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team – the agency’s finest humanitarian responders – to the region to coordinate its support. USAID supports Ukraine and neighbouring impacted countries with medical care, food and water, energy security, migration support, and emergency services.

USAID taps consultancy for humanitarian efforts in Europe’s conflict zone

One of the partners on the ground in the region supporting USAID’s objectives is PM Consulting Group, an American consulting firm that helps US federal and state governments with international development and mission support services.

Orchestrating its efforts from its office in Warsaw, PM Consulting Group has consultants supporting the front lines of the humanitarian response in four countries: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Moldova.

PM Consulting Group is operating under a five-year Middle East North Africa blanket purchase agreement, but as the Russia-Ukraine war continues as in its slipstream the need for further support, USAID has enlarged the contract to a maximum value of $100 million. No details have been released on spending to date.

“Ukraine is living through a nightmare that’s hard to imagine in modern times. It is a true honour to be asked to help on the front lines of the humanitarian response,” said Tony Kronfli, a director at PM Consulting Group. “This is some of the most important work of our lives, and our team is fully committed to this undertaking.”  

PM Consulting Group’s work includes services such as humanitarian assistance, institutional support, technology support, and translation services for institutions in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Moldova, and displaced persons in these countries.

Mike Staresinic, Head of Europe and Eurasia at PM Consulting Group, said: “The entire company is behind this effort, and we are confident that our work through USAID will provide some needed safety and support during an unimaginably hard time for millions.”

PM Consulting Group is one of USAID’s preferred suppliers. Earlier this year, the consulting firm was selected for a $95 million contract spanning the provision of services to USAID’s Innovation and Technology Research hub. The hub helps the agency incorporate new technologies into its operations.