Anderson MacGyver helps VMI with vendor selection process

04 June 2021 2 min. read

Over the past year, heavy industry manufacturer VMI implemented a new tool for its service management services. Anderson MacGyver helped the company find the right solution and onboard the vendor. 

Headquartered in the Netherlands with global operations, VMI produces the machinery used for making tires and other rubber products. The firm adds value by going beyond its avatar as a supplier, helping its clients – some of the world’s leading tire manufacturers – manage their machinery and operations in an effective, sustainable and cost-efficient manner. 

A core part of its proposition: these services were in need of tech-based optimisation, and VMI needed advice on finding the right solution, vendor and implementation partner. Dutch business transformation consultancy Anderson MacGyver was brought on board to help assess VMI’s precise needs and find the right solution.

Anderson MacGyver helps VMI with vendor selection process

The consultancy kicked off with a roundup of VMI’s existing services, capabilities and digital competencies – honing in on the gap to be covered by the new solution. This crystalised requirement was then sent to six top suppliers in the field to solicit proposals.

Experts from Anderson MacGyver led information sessions for a more in-depth understanding of supplier solutions – a process that took the shortlist down to three. Proposals were then examined closely – complete with meetings to clarify the last details – following which the consultancy helped VMI take the final call and seal the deal with contract support.


It turned out to be the right choice: once the selected vendor had implemented their solution, VMI saw a boost to revenues from spare parts, retrofitting services and maintenance; and enhanced quality of service and customer satisfaction. The broad-based outcome was a jump in service management revenues. 

“The asset, service, work order, inventory, issue, resource and knowledge management business activities of VMI are now supported by the right solution,” explained Fabian Haijenga – head of product management at Anderson MacGyver.

And VMI is more than happy with the results – with a special nod to Anderson MacGyver’s digital expertise. “Taking on the challenges in the field of digitalisation together, but in a personal way. That’s what sets Anderson MacGyver apart from the start and they stick with it,” noted Edward Hofman, VMI’s process and IT improvement manager.